One of the most memorable days of your life will be your wedding day. Every woman dreams of that perfect day from the day she was born, making every little detail so beautiful, special and perfect.

Dancing together for the first time as husband and wife should be effortless, graceful and simply breathtaking.

Our Wedding Packages include:

  • 10 hrs of private instruction
  • Editing  your music
  • Spending one of your lessons at your venue.( If venue within George area)

Our aim is to make you comfortable and confident on the dance floor, keeping you focused on each other and not your feet.
So, whether you want a more traditional dance like the Waltz or a more popular dance like the Rumba, we will teach you how to dance on your special song. Your wedding dance will be a memory that you will cherish for many years to come.


Tips for the Bride and Groom

It wasn't long ago that a couple's first dance as man and wife, as special as it was, was only an effervescent memory – with new technology and videography  today,  newlywed couple's first dance is almost always recorded on tape, available down through the years for all of posterity to see.

That's why prospective brides and grooms who want to give a polished and graceful performance on their big day are increasingly opting to take dance lessons to help prepare for what may be the performance of their lifetimes.

If you are planning to get married, here are a few tips from the experts on learning to dance in preparation for your wedding:

Don't wait until the last minute. Remember that your schedule will get very hectic as your wedding day approaches. Dance instructors recommend starting four to six months earlier to allow more time for practice, (however we have done miracles in shorter times) especially if you are a newcomer to dancing.

Remember that dance lessons can actually be a stress reliever. Dancing is good exercise and pulls you out of the hustle and bustle of the day. Spending  an hour or so with your partner, having fun and working together productively, at the same time.

Besides the Waltz and other traditional dances, the Mambo, Salsa, Swing and even the Tango are all popular at weddings today. If you plan to dance to a special song at your reception, feel free to bring a recording of it to your dance lessons so you can work on it with your instructor. (And don't forget to co-ordinate with your wedding videographer for coverage of your special dance.)

Learning to dance for your wedding is a special gift that you and your spouse-to-be can give each other. Feeling confident and poised when you dance together will ensure that your very first dance as husband and wife will be a memory you will treasure forever. Call us now to schedule an appointment with one of our expert instructors. We can help you get started and plan a program that will prepare you for your big day.